Tom’s Super-Cool Wright Webpage

My friend Tom recently started a new website: Tom’s Super-Cool Wright Webpage. It’s hosted on the server of my other friend, Abinadi. Tom thought he must be incredibly clever because he issued a challenge to me to find his web page, if I could. Of course, he didn’t tell me the name of the website, where it was hosted, or any other information besides that it had a collection of quotes, and that it linked to (although was not linked from) the website of our friend, Abinadi, called Rant Fever.

He seemed to be proud of the fact that I couldn’t find it through Google. He felt some sense of accomplishment for having a site so pitiful that not even GoogleBot bothered to read it.

I actually found it quite easily once I discovered that it was linked from the blog of our other friend, Gavin Gee, which is called UtiliGee. I figured I would throw Tom a bone, and link to it from my blog, so that his site can piggy-back off the popularity of mine. I hope it helps, Tom.