Apple Insomnia Film Contest 2007

Last Saturday, oogaFilms created a three minute film for the 2007 Apple Insomnia Film Contest. This is a contest wherein college and high school students create a three minute film in 24 hours. oogaFilms’ entry is titled “Crosswalk”, and on the 19th October will be available for viewing and voting on Apple’s website. I encourage all to go and vote this Friday.

The film centers around a young man (played by Gavin Gee), and his romantic endeavors to capture the interest of a young woman (played by Rachel Lawson), whom he met at a crosswalk. Like all of oogaFilms’ romantic comedies, this one is sure to amuse and entertain. (Really, this thing is great! I promise you you’ll like it.)

The film was written and directed by oogaFilms founder Geoff Yano. The music was done by Ryan Gee. Other behind-the-scenes tech stuff was done by Arthur Kendrick, Rodd Simonsen (of Ironrodd Productions), myself, and Mark Sanderson. Supporting roles were performed by myself, and Noelene Clark.

Again, come Friday, I encourage everyone to go to Apple’s website and vote for “Crosswalk” by Team oogaFilms, and tell all of your friends and family to do the same.