Joe Stryker Pilot

I should probably keep a lid on this until it’s ready, but I can’t. I’m too excited.

On Saturday, we filmed the pilot episode for our new webshow: Joe Stryker.

Joe Stryker is an action hero of the old school. Imagine taking Chuck Norris, Knight Rider, the A-Team, and McGyver, putting them all in a blender, adding in an extra heaping spoonful of manliness, top it off with one awesome 80’s mullet, and serving that atop an awesome motorcycle. You would have a generous serving of Joe Stryker.

This was a concept I came up with my friend Geoff Yano. Although, it was really mostly his idea. Of course, yours truly is playing the man himself. Geoff and I enlisted the help of other friends to fill in our production team of writers, composers, directors, and crew. Each webisode will be about 5 minutes long, and we’ll probably release a new one about once a month.

Our pilot episode seemed to turn out really well. In addition to myself, it features the acting stylings of Bryant Moscon, William Moyes, Mark Sanderson (who is also one of our main production crew members), and Kurstin Raposa.

Once the episode is done being edited, and our theme song is composed (being done by a great composer and friend: Ryan Gee), we’ll release it into the wild (on YouTube).

Joe Stryker does not yet have a home on the web, but I will be heading up the website effort, and hope to have it up in a couple months.

I’m really excited about this project, and hope you all enjoy it. Stay tuned for our pilot episode in the coming weeks.