More Facebook changes

Ok, well my last post was about Facebook, and so will this one. Facebook has decided to make another big change, but hasn’t quite implemented it yet. Until now, Facebook was only open to college students (faculty, stuff, alumni), high school students, and people working at a few businesses. Originally, of course, it was only open to college students. This created a nice environment for college students that only connected them to other college students, but without connecting them to anybody else in the world.

However, The higher-ups at Facebook have decided to open up Facebook to anyone with an email address. Specifically, Facebook has created several Geographical networks, which anyone can join. This means that if you are a member of a geographical network, anybody else that lives in that area (or claims to live in that area), can see your profile. This is a danger to our privacy, and not what we signed up for. If we wanted anyone to be able to see our profiles, and add us as friends, we would’ve signed up for Myspace. We didn’t sign up for Myspace, we signed up for Facebook.

I urge everyone to cancel their accounts if Facebook makes this change. There’s no reason to accept Myspace when you signed up for Facebook. It’s completely wrong.