Facebook Changes

Ok, so pretty much every college student in this country is familiar with the Facebook. Recently some changes have been made. Actually, some major changes. I’ve heard a lot of complaints. Let me go over some of the changes.

Mini-feed. There is now a new “feed” of changes that people make. This is, probably, the most contreversial change. It allows anyone who can view your profile to see all the things you’ve done on facebook recently: any photos upon which you’ve commented, any status changes, new groups you’ve joined, relationship changes, etc. Some are complaining that it makes Net Stalking too easy.

Ok, so here’s the real deal. Next to each of the items in your “Mini-feed,” there is an X, which allows you to delete any of the items. If you don’t want your girlfriend to know that you commented on some hot girl’s picture, just delete the item right after you make the comment.

There’s another News Feed. I haven’t figured out it’s purpose yet, but it’s on your Facebook home page.

Notes were recently added. They’re basically a blog. In fact, you can simply import a news feed from another blog into your Facebook notes.

Finally, the other main complaint I’ve been hearing is about the new Profile page layout. It’s changed. Oh freakin’ well. It’s changed in the past, and it’ll change again in the future. If it bugs you that much, just learn Javascript, and write a user script to change things around: Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox.