Beauty: the flight of a bird

I had a profound experience this morning that I wanted to share.

I was walking to the bus stop to get to school. I had accidentally slept in, so I was much later than I normally would be. As I turned a corner, I happend to look up and see a bird.

I don’t know what type of bird it was. It wasn’t huge, but it was a small bird. Its wingspan was about twice, perhaps a little more than, that of a crow’s.

I stood there and watched the bird for some time. I saw it turn; I saw it glide; I saw it soar upward; I saw it dip down. The bird seemed to own the breeze. As it flew, it carried with it a certain majesty that I’m not sure I’ve previously seen in any of God’s creations.

What I saw before me was a work of art, created by the hand of God. Not simply the bird was a work of art, but the entire sight: the light breeze which the bird bent to its will, the way the bird shifted its wings, the blue sky with light clouds serving as a backdrop. It was beautiful.

As I watched this flight, a feeling came to me that God himself had painted this picture especially for me. I knew at that moment that God was watching me, and mindful of me, and desirous that I be happy. I have in the past had experiences that told me that God was real, and mindful of us, but few of these experiences brought that truth into my heart more fully did this masterpiece did for me at this time.

I feel that this experience will remain with me for a long time. I’m so grateful for the beauty that god shows us day by day, and this particular experience that brought this feeling to me. With so much in our world that is ugly, we must every day remember everything around us that is beautiful.