ASCII Star Wars

I just found a text version of Star Wars that you can watch online. It’s AMAZING! You have to telnet, and you can be watching a text version of Star Wars on your computer.

Here’s a “screenshot.”

         Over here!             ( oo|
      Help! Please help!        _=/_
                               /  _                   ______________
                              //|/.|              /
                             ||_ _/ _||__________ /
   ______                   /|| | /| ||
          _______________/  #  _ _/ #
                                | | |
                                | | |
                                | | |

For those of you unfamiliar with telnet, try clicking on the link above. It may or may not work, and if not, here’s some simple instructions on how to connect:

Windows: Open up the Command Prompt. To do that, click “Start” and go to “Accessories.” If it’s not there, click “Start” and the click on “Run…” Type in cmd and hit enter. In the Command Prompt type in telnet Now sit back and enjoy.

Mac: Open up Terminal. Click on the desktop, and hold down Apple-Shift-A. Scroll down to Utilities, and click on it. Scroll down to Terminal, and open it. Type in telnet Sit back and enjoy.

Linux: Figure it out yourself, you’re smart.

I haven’t finished watching it yet, but what I have watched is fantastic. I hope you all enjoy it, too.