Blogging with emacs

My favorite text editor is Emacs. It’s a great text editor which is very extensible. Plugins can be written for it to allow it to do a number of different things. There’s even a web browser which works entirely from within emacs.

One thing I’ve been looking for is a way to write blog posts from within emacs, and I’ve finally found it. It’s called Weblogger Mode. There are actually a few plugins available that allow one to blog from within emacs, but I wanted needed one that would work with a WordPress blog (since that’s what this is), and would allow me to tag my posts. If I couldn’t tag my posts, I’d still have to go to the web interface to add tags, and if I had to do that, I might as well use the web interface to write the post, anyway.

Well, thanks to a modification of Weblogger Mode, I can use it to write posts with the tags. This is, of course, my first post using it. If it works well, I’ll probably use it almost exclusively to blog from now on.

P.S. I’ve since switched my blog from Wordpress to Hexo. it’s deployed on GitHub Pages. So, I can use any editor, or (thanks to Cloud 9), and browser. Since my blog posts are now just plain text files that live in a git repository, I can modify them just about anywhere and post by just commiting to my repo.