Bad garage door! Bad!

So, I came in from filming today, and as usual, as I’m approaching the driveway, I hit the button on the garage door opener in my pocket to open the garage for me to drive right into the garage. However, unlike usual, I was going ever so slightly faster than I usually do to pull into the garage. This is probably due to the lack of cars in the driveway for me to skirt between, and the lack of trailer in the garage for me to squeeze up against.

Anyway, I realize I’m coming in too fast, and that the door won’t be open enough for me when I reach it, so I slow down a little, and duck. Apparently, I didn’t slow down enough and/or duck low enough, because right as I pass the garage’s threshold, I slam into the garage door.

I’m not sure how I made it all the way in the garage without falling off my bike after that, but somehow I did. Now, I’m not hurt. Apparently motorcycle helmets are not only good against concrete, but also large metal doors. Anyway, it was a strange and interesting experience, but not one I would recommend to others.

P.S. My garage door no longer opens and closes, as of 3am this morning (14 December 2008). I don’t know if that’s related to my collision with it.