Life goals

So, a couple of weeks ago, in an Institute class, my teacher challenged our class to come up with 100 life goals. I decided this was a great idea, and have started on my list. I want to share with you the ones that aren’t too personal. I haven’t come up with 100 yet, but I’m still working on it, and will post again when I have more.

If you notice missing numbers, it’s because that one was too personal to publicly share.

So, here’s my list so far.

  1. Learn to speak, read, and write in Japanese.

  2. Learn to speak (hold casual conversations) in one language native to every continent.

    • Europe: English (and German)
    • Asia: Japanese
    • Africa: Zulu
    • North America: Hopi
    • South America: (I haven’t decided yet)
    • Australia/Oceania: Maori

    Notice that I said native to every continent, which is why I couldn’t count English for North America, since it originates in Europe. That’s also why I haven’t been able to decide what language to pick for South America. I’d like a language that at least some people still speak, and there’s only a few from South America left.

  3. Tell my (future) wife and children that I love them every night as long as they are still living with me.

  4. Get a major role in a big-budget film.

  5. Write a book

  6. Write a feature-length screenplay and have it produced.

  7. Marry in the temple

  8. Serve a mission with my wife.

  9. See all my children marry in the temple.

  10. Live in Japan for five years.

  11. Live 15 years outside of America.

  12. Live the last years of my life in America. (i.e. Die in my homeland.)

  13. Visit Seven Wonders of the World.

  14. Visit every habitable continent.

  15. Perform 5000 baptisms.

    Note that this includes baptisms performed in the temple (proxy baptisms).

  16. Learn something new every day of my life.

  17. Never go 24 hours without reading the scriptures.

  18. Memorize one scripture every month.

  19. Get a pilot’s license.

  20. Get on imdb.

  21. Play clarinet in church.

  22. Build a 5000-page website.

  23. See all my sons go on missions.

  24. Get two bachelor’s degrees.

  25. Get my weight down to 180 lbs.

  26. Invent something.