Joe Stryker

So, we’ve been working on Joe Stryker for a year now. And by “working on for a year,” I mean that a year ago we filmed two episodes, bought the domain, and put up a “Coming soon…” page on said site. A couple weeks ago, we filmed two more episodes, and finally finished polishing the first episode to get it up on the interwebs. So, for your viewing enjoyment, I’ve attached it below.

Also, you should definitely visit, and check out the site. I built it myself. There’s some hidden features as well. Feel free to comment on this post if you can find them.

A lot of hard work by a lot of great people went into this episode, and each of the episodes that will follow. So I really hope you enjoy them.

Anyway, I’m pretty dang excited that we finally got it up and ready. I’m taking over production of it from now on, so hopefully, I’ll be able to keep it going with at least monthly episodes.