I got a job!

Well, I got a job today. I’ll be one of the web designers for the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Texas. It’s kind of ironic. I really wanted to get a job, because for the last year, I’ve been really sick of school (and by sick, I mean it was quite literally driving my crazy). Now I’m no longer going to classes, but I’m working at school. Oh well.

The job is part-time: 19 hours a week. Why 19 and not 20, I’m really not sure. I’m glad it’s part-time, because that means I’ll have time to devote to be able to do movies and plays (my real passion), and work on the new web design company my friend Abinadi and I are starting. Also, since they let me decide on my schedule, I put all my 19 hours on Tuesday through Thursday, so I always have a four-day weekend.

I found the job through my friend, Bryant Moscon. It was actually his job before, but he just got a better job, and they needed someone to replace him. He recommended me, and they jumped at it.

This job probably won’t be the most interesting thing for me to do, but at least it’s something for me to do. I’m glad it didn’t take me long to find it, and that I found it so easily. It’s really nice when things just work well.