My dream girls

So, the other night I had a pretty weird dream, and I’ve been thinking of it since. In the dream I was working on some kind of project with five girls. I don’t really remember what it was we were doing, and it’s not particularly important anyway. These five girls are all friends of mine in real life. I know them all pretty well (some better than others). These girls are all vastly different from one another. Really, the only noticeable similarity among them is that I know all of them from church, so they’re all Mormon. But in just about every other way, they’re all very different. Their ages vary from about 23 to 31. There’s two blondes and three brunettes. Some are students, some professionals, with everything in between. Three have never been married, one is divorced, one is currently married. Most of the girls know each other, but aren’t good friends, and never hang out with each other (aside from seeing each other at church, and sometimes at parties). Basically there is no common thread running between them.

So, the setup is already unusual. Now, near the end of the dream, one of these girls had to leave. So, we said goodbye, and I gave her a kiss. Now, it wasn’t a passionate I-love-you-more-than-life-itself kind of kiss, but it was definitely a goodbye kiss that you would expect of a couple. There was some passion in it. A little while later, and I had to leave. As I left, I kissed each of those girls with the same sort of kiss. I kissed the married girl last, and said, “Don’t tell her husband.” Everyone laughed at the comment, then I turned around to leave, and woke up (of my own accord: no alarm), ending the dream.

Now, I’ve never kissed any of these girls in real life. I’ve only gone on a date with one of them, and that was just a friendly date. So, this dream seemed rather unusual, and I was thinking about it later that day when I was hanging out with some friends, including one of the girls: Kristen. I told them about the dream, and my friend Mark suggested that perhaps there’s some aspect of each of those girls in my “dream girl.” So, I said to Kristen, “You’re one-fifth of my dream girl.”

I do wonder, though, if Mark was right. I’m thinking perhaps he was. I suppose that it would mean that in my mind, there’s a particular defining aspect of each of these girls that attracts me. If I could just figure out consciously what I know subconsciously, maybe I’d be closer to finding my dream girl. Maybe it’s even one of them. Although hopefully not the married one, as I’m sure her husband wouldn’t appreciate it.