Weird mundane dream

I had a weird dream last night. It wasn’t weird in the sense that weird things happened, things that were out of the ordinary, unusual, or impossible. In fact, it was weird in the fact that it didn’t have any of that stuff. You see, usually I remember dreams when something strange/frightening/unusual/fantastic happens in them. This dream had none of that. It was just a little slice-of-life soft of dream. I wasn’t aware that I could have those types of dreams, because, as far as I can remember, they’ve never happened before.

This dream took place in Chicago. I was working for a local television station (W-something-something-something). My job wasn’t anything special. I worked with the local news, but I never got to be on camera. I was responsible for fact-checking, or something plain and ordinary like that. The only interesting thing about the dream was that two of the characters from The Office (Kelly and Stanley) were in the dream, but they didn’t do anything interesting.

So, I’m confused. I really can’t ever recall having had such a boring dream. Whatever happened to the dreams where I was a cartoon character, or a super-hero, or dated a super-model? I hope this is just a fluke, or I just won’t want to go to sleep anymore.