Real friends kill friends who become zombies

I came across an article on how to kill a zombie. It’s really a top ten list. It got me thinking. Being a zombie would be a horrible thing. So I implore you of my friends and family: if I ever become a zombie, please kill me.

This is no joke. I would hate to live a life of eating brains, without a functioning one of my own. So, in the event that I ever become an unwilling soldier in the army of the undead, please put a bullet straight in my head. Other methods of disposal are welcome, just so long as you put me out of my (and everyone else’s) misery.

Of course, this isn’t simply a one-sided request. I want each of you, my loved ones, to know that if you were to become a zombie, I would do the same for you. After all, that’s what friends are for.